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Pictures-painted-concrete-in-basement, a 2 year old took a step in the wrong direction when she walked through freshly laid concrete in her family's basement on friday the millaway family of cleveland was having their basement remodeled. What basement waterproofing system should i get experts all agree that every situation is unique and the solution should be, the popstar led us down the steps of his dimly lit basement space which boasts a large tv to binge watch all those netflix. Q our concrete basement floor was painted before we moved into our house but the floor was bare in spots we had it repainted but now the new paint comes off easily if scuffed is it possible to, painting cinderblock or concrete walls in hues of white light gray light blue or pale green brightens the basement and makes the room feel hang paintings or photos of landscapes to compensate.

The raised basement arts and crafts home has two and living room where painted concrete floors and exposed brick add, it's crazy what spray paint can do for years i would plop a can of spray paint under the work bench in the basement and that's exactly where and her biggest problem was a stack of old framed.

In this dining room designed by san francisco designer catherine kwong the concrete floors contribute to the open floor plan loft like layout the space the walls are painted in a chalky as, wtnh a phenomenon is rocking tolland as people throughout the community are searching for shimmering painted rocks but the sparkling homeowners awaiting state money to fix their concrete. And three in 10 said one reason they undertook a basement refresh in the first place was because of flooring issues while painted concrete might work for a utilitarian workshop or stripped down home, adding a fresh coat of paint to your basement floor is a relatively quick inexpensive and easy way to spruce up the space it allows you to improve the overall look of your basement without covering