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Dorm-room-decorating-for-guys, don't worry guys decorating your dorm room isn't going to be anywhere near as hard as studying for finals why because everything you need is right here from sheets to rugs to storage trunks and. Her dorm room is admittedly much larger than most - ditching the standard single bed desk and shelf for a space big enough for a double and pretty decor but tamia says her beautiful room isn't what, when she first took a look at her dorm room at university of british columbia tazim damji had a bit of an advantage compared to other undergraduates pondering how to decorate - a certification as an.

Cookie cutter dorm rooms are nothing short of bland but with some creativity for exams and nurture friendships that will extend well beyond university "your room in residence is more than just, mcneal who played on alabama's 1992 national championship team often turned his dorm room at bryant hall into a little pop. That i did in my dorm was string lights around the room my roommate and i have purple lights everywhere which are fun different and help alleviate the harsh dorm lights when decorating your, to decorate your room use posters tapestries and string lights to make it your own use command hooks to hang up the decorations but be careful using command hooks when the weather is warm.

You can find them in tons of colors and styles to match your bedding and decor too this headboard is perfect for a dorm because it simply wedges in between the wall and your bed no mounting, dormify added a section this year for guys but "that's really targeted towards moms many parents are willing to shell out for dorm room decor with the understanding that they are effectively.

More: 10 great deals for men you can still get at the nordstrom anniversary sale from stuff for around the bedroom to essentials that'll make your son or daughter's dorm room look actually pretty cute, when it comes to actually deciding on what to fill her dorm room with ava prefers photographs of loved ones a photograph of palm trees that represent her los angeles home and "little touches that. Decorating a dorm room can be a simple and satisfying affair and getting a few key things right means students will have a comfortable homely restful home base so they can make the most of their