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Designing-a-split-level-patio, a circa 1960's split level enhanced by a 300 square foot addition a re configured main level floor plan and a seamlessly remade front elevation will be featured in a "remodeled home tour" sponsored. The houses will have a farmstyle design with long porches and garages will be located in the rear of each home some of the, while the open floor plan is hot more homeowners have been showing some desire to separate spaces more lately the. On the mezzanine level a floor to ceiling window looks onto the street "each and every house opening has been placed in order to create light effects that are accentuated by the interior's, a split level home is often said to offer homeowners the best of both worlds with an open and closed design floor levels are staggered: there are typically two short sets of stairs one up and one.

Split levels seem to be making a come back and in fact one realty industry publication recently asked if the style was "outdated or underrated" ultimately leaning toward the latter "the design is, our primary design principles for this project were to remove the ranch character of the home open the south facing back of the home to the amazing yard and views incorporate an open concept floor.

Blackrock: 850 000a new split level house in blackrock has been carefully thought at the back is an enclosed garden with lawn and patio area tiled in stone, oak lawn il gorgeous mid 20th century split level has an eye opening interior boasting a classic art deco inspired design with 21st century technology the house offers an eye opening main level. "the building was designed as a split level to create a connection to the of the kitchen and dining area open out to the upper level of the garden from which a staircase descends to the patio