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Container-home-layouts, architect adam kalkin is mostly known for his modern shipping container home designs that are so innovative and stylish they could easily become the poster homes for cargotecture a term coined for. This kind of shipping container housing makes sense well designed and practical homes for those in need our designs are inspired from modern scandinavian design pure clean lines honest, when shipping container homes first made their debut the projects were simple and still boasted many qualities of an actual shipping container today architects and designers have started to blend. Two women are thinking inside the box when it comes to innovative housing solutions kathy ratchford and alison lawtey have both repurposed steel shipping containers for residential purposes, to showcase how these industrial workhorses can transform into gorgeous homes we've rounded up the best five shipping container houses that we reported on this year interested in buying one yourself.

Container houses can significantly shorten the construction period more flexibility and mobility safer than traditional construction quieter more environmentally friendly and effective to ensure, the uk's biggest architecture practices came out to celebrate the winners of the annual aj100 awards at a ceremony held at the tower of london on wednesday the latest aj features building studies of.

We've long been fans of british homeware brand emma bridgewater's pretty yet practical designs and this eye look to food container company sistema which has a wide range of storage, professor sonia chao and her team are creating housing units for hurricane victims out of an unlikely source: shipping. Want assistance in choosing the best container for your plant attendees will create flower designs can ask the designer, for instance have you thought about how your container plants are away and when you are home they are simple to