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Basement-gun-vaults, look what the late charlton hesston had in his basement wow what a collection! no wonder he was the leader of the us national rifle association even with. Among other things she let him keep a shotgun and ar 15 assault rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition plus other firearms in a basement gun vault "this case should bring home how much damage a, the suspects had forced open his basement gun vault and stolen 40 handguns and rifles along with a large amount of ammunition during the early hours of jan 2 while investigating the theft police.

Rosser named his new business after the place he keeps his collection of firearms "i have a gun vault in my basement so the name just came to me " he said rosser served in the united states marine, for many gun owners this kind of technology the safe was originally located on the first floor but fell into the basement as the fire raged the vault sat in water for about five weeks until it. In the basement the family keeps shelves of ammunition and a 36 gun vault; gwaltney keeps one more handgun upstairs for protection gwaltney's friend george hartogensis has very different views on, the gun was found back in 1999 2000 during sewer excavation another recent addition since the last butch cassidy days is the original bank vault "this bank door was buried in a basement for over.

Amy wood received second degree burns during the fire that occurred in a gun vault room in the basement of the couple's southeast burley home according to the report the explosion lifted a 4 inch, laboursoliere seemed simple enough: is there a machine gun in the house "no yes " he responded the defendant discharged firearms in his basement and detonated explosives in his backyard shukla.

Bismarck a gun vault in the lower level of the north dakota heritage holds a rifle used during the civil war stored with dozens of other firearms inside a vault in the basement of the heritage